"Redbridge’s methodology helped us determine the credit card processing fees paid throughout the world. The team then established a clear plan to reduce these fees"

Erwan Begos
VP, ‎Audit & Payment Facilities

Project Description

  • Analysis of credit cards’ payment structures and identification of improvement areas


  • France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain
  • United States, Canada
  • Brazil


  • Assess, calculate and benchmark Vinci Park’s  credit card processing fees in nine countries.
  • Simulate the impact of relevant changes (cross-border card acquisition, on-us/off-us conditions, etc.)
  • Establish an action plan


  • Thorough evaluation of credit card costs invoiced by service providers and acquiring banks
  • Assessment of savings opportunities depending on credit cards’ payment structures

Redbridge’s role

  • Data collection and calculation of total credit card costs
  • Mapping of the group’s credit cards’ payments structures
  • Benchmarking of the different structures .

Redbridge’s added value

  • In-depth knowledge of payment services industry in Europe and the Americas
  • Unmatched credit card fees database