Key issues

The optimum positioning of a company’s credit profile with lenders requires special attention. With the ongoing introduction of new prudential regulations as well as the launching of new rating agencies, this strategic positioning issue is becoming more complex for every company’s finance leadership team.

Without a reliable point of reference for making comparisons, how can a company know whether the financial components of a potential transaction fit their credit risk profile?

Many companies do not want to rely on their investment banking partners to address this question and therefore reach out to an independent rating advisor to gain a transparent and unbiased view of the market.

How Redbridge can help you?

  • Your Redbridge team is ideally positioned to help you manage your relationships with credit analysts at banks and/or rating agencies:

    • Independent and without conflicts of interest.
    • Access to exhaustive databases of recent transactions.
    • In-depth knowledge of banking and rating agency modeling methodologies.
    • Assistance in all aspects of finance from positioning your company’s credit profile to holding highly effective discussions with your teams of banks and/or rating agencies.
    • Transparent determination of your company’s rating profile.
    • Effective strategy for approaching agencies and obtaining new public or confidential ratings.
    • Management of your “target” rating level or your relationship with agencies and/or banking credit teams.
    • Impact on ratings of variations of operating and financial strategies envisioned by management.

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