Implementing an efficient liquidity management process is a day to day challenge.

Key issues

Implementing an efficient liquidity management process is a day to day challenge!

  • should you promote a centralized approach (payment/collection factory, cross-border card processing, funding) or a multi-local approach?
  • what is the optimal centralization level?
  • how can we centralize more cash and do so more efficiently? how can we minimize the level of trapped cash? which cash-pooling structure is most appropriate for your organization?
  • what is the ideal number of banks, per country, for your global cash management operations?
  • what is the best account structure?
  • am I absolutely certain to benefit from the best yields or ECR rate, short term investments instruments & processes?

How Redbridge can help you?

  • Deep inside Global Fortune 500 companies, Redbridge provides specialized expertise on best practices for cash management on every continent and most countries.

    Similarly, and as a result of its vast practical experience in the field, Redbridge is at the very heart of the banking market and is able to accurately advise its clients on the most appropriate course of action.

    Redbridge is also able to provide its clients with full support, including operational implementations.

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