Syndicated Loans
& Club Deals

Key Components of the Company’s Liquidity

Due to major transformations in the banking sector, companies need to redefine their refinancing strategy and reassess their banking relationships.

A proven track record in loan agreements

Over the last ten years, Redbridge DTA has assisted nearly 50 companies in the execution of various types of refinancing projects including syndicated loans, club deals and amend-&-extend transactions. Our approach is based on a unique methodology for structuring and negotiating loans. Each mission is customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Redbridge does not negotiate on behalf of its clients, but applies its benchmarking process in successive stages. Our rigorous and transparent approach gives the client total control over the process and minimizes project risk while still ensuring stakeholder involvement. Our approach includes:

  • identifying financing and liquidity needs
  • setting up a negotiation framework based on each company’s priorities
  • developing a bilateral approach with each potential lender
  • assessing initial offers and define the key terms of the transaction
  • negotiating the detailed terms and conditions prior to determining each bank’s role and responsibilities
  • selecting participants once the terms and conditions have been validated by the credit committee
  • drafting and negotiating the term sheet
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