Bank Mediation

An Unbiased Approach to Manage Banking Relationships

Banks constantly change their service offerings, rates, fees, and appetite for new accounts. What they agree to do for one client may not apply to other clients. And what one bank can provide for certain clients,other banks may not be able to provide to those same clients. There is no such thing as ‘one bank fits all’.

Redbridge transforms your bank relationships into balanced and proactively managed partnerships that are powered by the combination of services customized to each client’s needs with regular monitoring to ensure the newest and most relevantservices are being utilized, all at the most relevant price points.

Cash Management remains a strategic product for banks, particularly as a result of the liquidity ratios imposed by Basel III

Are you benefitting from the best practices and the most competitive prices in the market?

BankScore™ Global Bank Fees & Rates Index

Bank fees and rates are purposefully obscure, complex and subject to change without warning. They are also highly discretionary and vary widely from client to client even within the same bank. BankScore™ is a comprehensive and proprietary database that identifies the most competitive pricing and services relative to comparable companies and industries, both within individual banks and acrossthe banking community.

Access to real-time data provides unprecedented levels of transparency to Redbridge, allowing us to partner with our clients to leverage such information in negotiations.

BankScore™ is powered by the historical and ongoing audited bank analyses we perform, as well as rates and fees we negotiate on behalf of our customers.  But it doesn’t stop there.

We understand that banking relationships are not entirely based on price, so we build in qualitative data provided by corporate treasurers from around the globe regarding the accuracy of the analysis, standardization of processes, and quality of services provided by their banks. Moreover, all pricing information is from the most trusted sources.

The BankScore Global Rates and Fees Index gives our banking experts the ability to compare your costs and services with those of similar customers of your bank.

We are also able to compare results against similar organizations at competitor banks that have exceptionally highest scores with your particular banking requirements.

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