"We truly appreciated the expertise and quality of service delivered by the Redbridge team, both in form and content. There is excellent complementarity between the Redbridge and Sonepar teams. "

Valérie Four
Director of Group Financing and Holding

Assignment overview

  • Refinancing of part of the group’s private placements (PP) set to mature in 2019 and 2020


  • Optimize costs in a rising market
  • Extend the average maturity of loans
  • Continue the policy of diversification of funding and enlarge the pool of investors
  • Optimally align the documentation with that of the syndicated loans


  • Issuance of two new PP in unlisted Euro PP bond format, with €95 million at
    seven years and €50 million at ten years
  • Obtained highly attractive financial conditions
  • Aligned documentation with that of the syndicated loans
  • Issuance of a Euro PP with the new reference investor


  • Consultation with existing and new investors (drafting of consultation documents and the slideshow, preparation of target term sheets with legal advisors, etc.).
  • Active management of investors (bilateral meetings, Q&A, collection and analysis of bids received)
  • Preparation of the negotiation strategy bearing on the financial structure and conditions
  • Assistance in investor selection, program support and transaction closing

Redbridge’s added value

  • Act as orchestra conductor
  • Capacity to manage a dual track (existing investors / potential new investors) to increase competition and optimize the refinancing
  • Negotiation of optimum terms and conditions in line with the finance department’s decision-making criteria (amount, price, maturity, documentation, flexibility)
  • Overall assistance on all aspects from the preparation of the consultation to the signing of financing
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