The existential healthcare crisis we are experiencing, and the impact it is having on our companies, is challenging treasury professionals to their limits. The priority is to ensure the liquidity, lifeblood of your business, whilst at the same time evaluating the constantly changing situation to determine what further actions need to be taken.

However, in spite of some well-defined business continuity plans, many finance teams are flying blind, cut-off from their countries and reliable data from the field. More than ever at these critical times, you need to talk to your advisors, such as Redbridge, to help you make sense of the situation and determine the true cash needs of your business – as well as see how you can turn your assets into cash as quickly as possible.

We have mobilised our team of treasury experts to help you chart a course to safety, whilst ensuring your liquidity and the well-being of your team.

Our proposition for overcoming this ‘Cash Crisis’

  • Battle-tested forecasting & and iron-clad liquidity

    • We review the reliability of your cash forecasts – direct or indirect – group-wide, increase the frequency of reporting or put into place a new process for you.
    • We provide you with access to a pool of experienced resources to help:
      • collect the data for cash flow forecasts across multiple geographical locations of the group.
      • validate the data provided by the various business units to ensure the relevance and reliability of the forecasts, at home and around the world.
    • We analyse the forecasts and produce reports to enable management and the board to take decisive actions to safeguard the liquidity and financial health of the business.
    • We flex the forecasts to different scenarios to enable contingency planning and assessment for the need of additional bank or other facilities to be put into place.
    • We identify additional sources of liquidity – internally (e.g. trapped cash, obsolete stock etc.) and externally (e.g. pre-payment optimisation, extending supplier payments, delaying rents, utilising government financial assistance etc.)
    • We develop a timeline to mobilise the relevant liquidity needs identified from internal and external sources.
  • Liquidating Collections

    • We analyse the different customer receivables in your portfolio.
    • We segment customer receivables based on their significance to your liquidity drive (e.g. amount, collection period, type of customer etc.).
    • We provide you with access to a pool of resources to accelerate your customer collections.
    • We prioritise the collection of the most critical receivables in record time.

Why can you rely on us?

  • No results – no fees – you don’t need to seek internal approval for a budget to work with Redbridge.
  • Debt and treasury experts with extensive experience as bankers, treasurers and consultants who are battle-trained since 2008.
  • We are laser focused, intervene immediately and work as an integral part of your organisation, enabling you to focus on your normal business activities.
  • We can support you globally – adapting to the current environment.

We do the ‘heavy-lifting’ enabling you to focus on your customers and staff, whilst supporting you in the management of your bank relationships during these critical times.


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