Find out with a free Credit Facility Analysis: evaluate your facility's structure and profitability to the banks so you can identify areas of improvement and risk. 

Who has the power in your banking relationships?


What's the profitability of your credit facility?

Credit facilities are the backbone of most banking relationships and key for your liquidity.

Assessing your banks' profitability based on your risk-return profile is complex, but it can give you a great overview of the health of your banking relationships. This insight is essential to achieving stable banking partnerships that are based on fair terms for both you and your banks.

Use our insight and expertise to do the work for you. 

What you'll get

  • A detailed analysis that reveals your banks' profitability on your primary bank facility.
  • A sensitivity analysis of your banks' risk-adjusted return based on the spread, credit rating, side business, and term of the facility.
  • A 30-minute assessment with a Redbridge Banking Relationship Specialist, who will evaluate your credit facility to determine if you're giving your banks enough—or too much—side business to cover the cost of your risk.
  • Using our proprietary model for risk-adjusted return on capital (RAROC), your analysis takes into account regulatory factors, the risk level of the capital, and current market conditions.

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Deepen your conversations with your banks around how they assess your risk, their profitability, and share of wallet.

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