Rigorous financing policies require an optimally sized debt structure.

Key issues

The debt markets are currently undergoing profound structural changes. Redbridge’s Debt Structure Advisory team provides companies with a clear view of existing market challenges and available financing opportunities.

With Redbridge you can:

  • Benefit from current market conditions.
  • Diversify your lenders.
  • Extend the maturity of your loans.
  • Optimize your financing structure.
  • Secure your liquidity.

How Redbridge can help you:

  • Our goal is to help financial managers make highly strategic decisions in total transparency and with a full understanding of the markets.

    Our approach is case-by-case and the scope of any engagement is always defined in advance with each client. Our scope of potential intervention is broad and can cover:

    • Diagnosis of your company’s fundamental financials and its financing needs.
    • Your company’s credit risk positioning strategy with banks, rating agencies and investors.
    • Assessment of current bank relationships using a proprietary methodology to calculate risk-adjusted yield on equity.
    • Identification of all potential financing solutions, prioritized by relevancy based on the criteria of your financial team.
    • Practical final recommendations for your optimal financing strategy.
  • Redbridge provides its global clients with unique technical expertise covering the full range of debt products:

    • Syndicated bank loans, club deals or bilateral loans.
    • Bond financing and negotiable debt securities.
    • Private investments into all markets (Euros or US dollars).
    • Factoring and reverse factoring.
    • Securitization.
    • Lease financing.
    • Bank guarantees.

    With more than 15 financing arrangements put in place annually, the advisory strength of the Redbridge team is based on the combined experience of all its members enhanced by its unbiased independence without any conflicts of interest.

    Once a strategy has been approved, Redbridge assists its clients in setting up the necessary financing to ensure rapid and effective execution in keeping with the predefined specifications.

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