We will help you to redefine your merchant settlement process in light of the digital revolution, and we will answer questions on your acceptance strategy for new payment methods. Together, we will evaluate the solutions that are best suited to the customer experience from a technical, regulatory and pricing perspective. And then we will help you implement your new strategy, payment method by payment method, with the most appropriate service provider.

Your challenges

The global payments industry is undergoing unprecedented change, driven by technical innovations and regulatory developments that are radically transforming the way customers pay for goods and services.

You want to offer your customers an optimized, fluid, and innovative experience while boosting sales. You want to connect online customers with in-store expert associates and grow your omni-channel sales. You want to achieve digitalization of points of sale (“phygitalization”).

At the same time, you want your settlement and reconciliation process to support the highest levels of encryption and comply with the latest anti-fraud standards. Furthermore, you want to ensure that your processing of personal data complies with all the regulations and is stored in the most secure means possible.  And lastly, you are looking for a solution that can be rolled out quickly, in multiple markets, across all your group’s brands.

Selecting the right partners

Updating your merchant settlement and reconciliation process, potentially across borders, requires a clear understanding of the complexities of the payment world, as well as the regulatory environment;

  • Awareness of the latest innovations (contactless payments, mobile payments, instant payments, NEXO communication standards)
  • Identification of new acquirers (such as Alipay and WeChat) and understanding the dynamics of the competition between payment service providers
  • understanding the constraints relating to new standards for card data security (PCI, PSD2)
  • being aware of changes to regulations on card interchange and network fees and understanding their implications to your costs
  • With the help of our Merchant Settlement experts in Europe and the United States, we will provide you with unprecedented insights on new payment methods and regulatory requirements, as well as specific market features, that are essential to ensure the successful expansion of your settlement options and generate more satisfied customers – wherever they purchase your goods and services.

    Over the last few years we have supported numerous retailers around the world.

    We audit your existing process and evaluate the strategic and financial challenges along the whole merchant settlement process from end to end.

    We implement detailed action plans that you will quickly realize benefits including;

    • negotiating conditions applied to cards (including local schemes, VISA, Mastercard, CUP, AMEX and JCB) with banks and acquirers
    • selecting a technical platform concentrating all collections
    • optimizing the card processing and financial conditions for all your points of acceptance (e-commerce sites, fleet of electronic payment terminals, electronic payment servers, call centers)
    • selecting additional payment methods that are specific to your markets in order to increase your revenues
    • setting up additional value-added services such as:
      • “on us”, which enables you to optimize your multilateral interchange fees
      • dynamic currency conversion (DCC), which generates additional revenue to your sales
      • centralization of collections
      • automation of banking reconciliation
      • secure payments by cards.

    Our expertise includes demystifying the commercial proposals made by various payment service providers and negotiating the best conditions for the service that most suits your needs. We coordinate all the stakeholders involved in the transformation of your merchant settlement process  (legal, commercial, marketing, finance  treasury,  and IT, as well as external providers) across multiple countries and brands to ensure that your project is a successfully delivered on time and on budget.

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