Now may be the time to consider a structural review of cash management services for your European business!

Fueled by a raft of new regulations (PSD, SEPA, Basel III, etc.), cash management practices and services in Europe have considerably evolved and deserve your attention.

Substantial cost-savings may be uncovered in the process! Average cash management costs, as percent of revenue are 0.02% for B2B corporates and 0.35% for B2C, both of which are note inconsequential. In its latest report, Redbridge deciphers and explains the current European trends in cash management, with a special focus on establishing effective cash pooling structures.

In this publication

  • Find out which cash management optimization opportunities are available to your company
  • Learn on how 75 firms among the largest European companies pool their cash globally
  • Analyze the pros and the cons of internal cash pooling vs bank cash pooling

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