Reinforcing internal control and financial risk management.

Key issues

In an environment where cases of fraud have become particularly serious and abundant, companies must regularly audit and secure the potential weaknesses of their treasury’s organization.

How Redbridge can help you:

  • Redbridge’s diagnostic assessment of the treasury’s processes is based on:

    • a review carrefour
    • of the treasury’s remit or management mandate
    • the identification of the financial or operational risks associated with treasury processes (cash management, financial risk management, etc.), from initiation to recognition.
    • an audit of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the treasury function’s system of internal control
    • documentation of the internal audit strategy for treasury activities

    For organizations wanting to get a complete picture of their financial risks (currency, interest rate, liquidity, investment, counterparty risks, etc.), Redbridge can assist to:

    • define a market risk management policy (e.g. strategy, hedging horizon, identification of the exposure, choice of instruments, limits, etc.)
    • determine your risk exposure with greater precision
    • validate increases in subsidiaries’ risk exposure and ensure that the tools used are appropriate
    • review reports and KPIs for risk monitoring and hedging purposes
    • review the system for controlling the financial risk management process

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