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Key issues

Because a company’s requirements and objectives change, the treasury department must constantly adapt, innovate, and improve.

  • improve operational efficiency
  • strengthen the level of internal control
  • optimize operating costs

How Redbridge can help you:

  • Taking into consideration your objectives and ambitions along with best practices in the marketplace, our teams analyze your organization and adapt your processes by:

    • defining a clear cash management strategy

    Examples may include strengthening centralization of the group, expanding treasury’s responsibilities, identifying clear roles and responsibilities with treasury team members and the associated subsidiaries, etc.

    • repositioning the treasury following an internal restructuring in order to align it with new management’s objectives (i.e. post-merger, acquisition, etc.)
    • adapting the Target Operating Model to suit a new environment (i.e. a significant increase in turnover expected in the coming years, a change in the profitability profile, etc.)
    • defining an IT strategy (i.e. master plan, blueprint, etc.) to enable the treasury department to attain its objectives

A diagnostic assessment of the treasury function

  • Redbridge’s diagnostic service will cover all the key issues – the  strategy, the organization, the  processes, the systems and the team – , in order to measure the maturity of the department compared to the best practices in the marketplace and compared to the objectives set by management.

    This diagnostic assessment may also draw on the expertise of:

    • Redbridge’s cash management specialists, in order to analyze the banking strategy in place and to spot a potential opportunity to renegotiate its cash flow conditions
    • Redbridge’s debt advisory team

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