To identify the optimal banking structure, fees and services configuration, an unbiased and competitive process is primordial

Key issues

Cash management, a key and profitable source of revenue for banks worldwide, is a strategic product. For many years, these services have been undergoing major transformations due to:

  • Many recent regulatory changes (SEPA, Basel III, interchange regulations).
  • Emergence of new technologies – contactless payment, instant payment, and blockchain.
  • The successes of new market-players directly challenging the business model of banks.
  • Reduction in possible providers of banking services in some markets after broad geographic withdrawal of key players.
  • A trend towards a “transactional” model outside the U.S. in which each service is invoiced.

How Redbridge can help you:

  • Whether your goals include a reduction or enlargement of your banking pool, a desire to know and optimize overall bank service costs, a desire to be aligned with operational best practices, Redbridge can help your finance department move forward quickly using its unbiased, transparent and structured consultation process.

    With global experience from more than 300 consulting engagements worldwide, Redbridge manages a unique database tool to provide you a detailed estimate of potential cost improvements, from resetting your money flow conditions to optimizing the use of banking services.

    Our proven methodology guarantees compliance with posted schedules of regulatory changes.

    Our detailed understanding of banking financial models such as RAROC (Risk Adjusted Return on Capital) allows your Redbridge team to estimate what is likely or is not advantageous to negotiate with your banks, all while maintaining a fair relationship position.


Average of 30% in cost savings

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