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Key issues

The electronic banking market has undergone major technological and financial changes in recent years:

  • In terms of regulations, with changes in interchange standards (Multilateral Interchange Fee regulation- MIF).
  • In terms of security, with the strengthening of EMV standards and data security standards of cards (PCI, DSP2).
  • In terms of relationships, with modifications to electronic banking offerings by large institutions and the positioning of new market players.
  • In terms of innovation, with the implementation of numerous major changes in available methods of value transfer (contactless, mobile payment, instant payment, NEXO standard).

This environment favors the revision of the credit card processing chain, from the payment terminal to payment posting and settlement on a scale extending beyond national orders.

How Redbridge can help you:

  • Redbridge constantly monitors the ever-changing world of electronic banking and can help you in-country, regionally, and internationally to:

    • Evaluate strategic and financial challenges over the broadening electronic banking processing chain.
    • Implement action plans such as:
      • Reviewing payment terminal capabilities for potential improvement in processing and cost containment.
      • Choosing a suitable technical platform supporting current and potential cash flows.
      • Negotiating conditions with banks and acquirers applied to cards (local cards, VISA, Mastercard, CUP, AMEX, JCB, etc.).
      • Optimize domestic card conditions via dynamic routing (commonly called separation or “on us”) making it possible to reduce MIF commission payments on a portion of the transactions.
      • Implement dynamic currency conversions making it possible to generate additional revenues and reduce overall electronic banking costs.

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