Develop an effective framework that provides you with accurate cash flow forecasts on an ongoing basis.

Your challenges

You want to improve your cash management. To do so, you need to anticipate your inflows and outflows more accurately and develop new metrics that are more appropriate for your sales cycle. Finally, you want an efficient and easy to use solution that does not require too much manual intervention.

You seek better control over your funding needs. You want to assess your short-term financing requirements by type, amount and duration. You need to manage your financial covenants and optimize your interest charges.

You want to strengthen your organization’s cash generating culture. To improve your cash forecasts, you need the support of colleagues outside of finance. In return, they will get reports on debtors, creditors and inventory that are more accurate.

Key points

Whether you are starting a new project or seeking to improve an existing process, you will need to follow a number of steps:

  • Define the format of your forecasts (direct or indirect) at the parent company level, as well as the desired forecast horizons
  • Identify and prioritize the subsidiaries to be included within the scope of the cash flow forecasting process
  • Implement the chosen method within each subsidiary by providing tailor-made training for the various target audiences
  • Select and deploy a suitable forecasting tool

To succeed in your project, you require technical expertise, particularly in modeling cash flow forecasts. You must also have a good understanding of the software solutions available to you and and their ability to provide you with a cash flow forecasting tool that is tailored to your needs. Finally, to achieve internal buy-in, you must manage the project effectively and adapt your communication to the different cultures of your target audiences.

What we offer

Our cash experts in the U.S. and Europe will provide you with in-depth support throughout your entire cash flow forecast project.

Our support enables you to set up the most appropriate organization and tools so that you will have accurate forecasts on an ongoing basis, regardless of your business environment. We will help you:

  • Determine the functional and technical requirements, followed by drafting a specification for the selection of a cash forecasting tool
  • Define the target organization and appropriate reports to strengthen the cash culture
  • Develop tools and ad-hoc modeling, with the possibility of integrating artificial intelligence

In addition to the analysis and selection phase of a cash flow forecasting system, we can support you during the deployment of your chosen solution.

Our team will ensure that the project fits your timeline and budget and that you achieve buy-in from the other stakeholders involved.

Case studies

  • Case study no. 1

    • Sector: Hotel owner and operator
    • Revenue: around $4 billion
    • Geographic scope: Europe and elsewhere
    • Year/duration of assignment: 2019 – four months
    • Objectives and outcome of assignment:
      • determination of functional and technical requirements
      • drafting of specifications
      • selection of a cash flow forecasting tool
  • Case study no. 2

    • Sector: Specialized distribution in duty-free shops
    • Revenue: around $8 billion
    • Geographic scope: Switzerland
    • Year of assignment: 2019
    • Objectives and outcome of assignment:
      • determination of functional and technical requirements
      • modeling of a cash flow forecasting tool using machine learning
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