The next generation of bank fee analysis software for corporate treasury

HawkeyeBSB is a bank fee analysis software solution built by treasury experts to monitor, manage and reduce your bank fees around the world.

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How it works


  • Access reliable data on your global use of cash management services.

    HawkeyeBSB transforms the account analysis statements from all of your banks, regardless of the format, into a reliable, standardized view presented in a harmonized way.

    Any machine-readable statement format can be captured:

    • EDI 822, TWIST BSB, CAMT.086 BSB, CSV, PDF

    Clear and transparent information on the cost of cash management:

    • Automatic integration of all bank billing statements
    • Comprehensive mapping of each item charged, based on AFP Domestic and Global Service Codes
    • Single user-friendly platform
    • Captures any number of currencies, countries, accounts, banks and services


  • Identify and correct all billing violations.

    Validate every service, price, volume, charge and rate to an established baseline.

    Bank fee analysis software like HawkeyeBSB will verify every element of your bank fee statements and identify every billing violation, speeding up the recovery of incorrect fees.

    It is common to find 10% or more in billing errors every month.

    Banks bill more than $500 billion annually in service charges. Many of those charges simply go unverified. A control minded treasury needs all the tools possible to decipher the complicated statements produced by banks.

    HawkeyeBSB spots:

    • Price errors
    • Volume errors
    • Rate errors
    • Calculation errors
    • Inconsistencies
    • New services added
    • New accounts added
    • Dormant accounts

    Identify potential discrepancies:

    • Quickly identify all discrepancies on your bank fee statements
    • Easily make decisions on the handling of each identified discrepancy
    • Swiftly notify your banks of required corrections

    Rectify, monetize:

    • Automatic notification to inform your banks of all billing violations
    • The fully automated “Hawkeye Report” lets you quickly and easily report excess charges and other bank statement errors to your providers
    • Streamlined processing allows you to receive the full refund without spending a lot of time

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Visibility & Predictability

  • Knowledge is power.

    The rich data provided on bank billing statements gives a lens into all aspects of your company’s cash management engine. Bank fee analysis software like HawkeyeBSB uses this data to give you key insights.

    Precisely measuring consolidated bank charges is key to:

    • Model and predict future bank fees
    • Plan for business expansion
    • Strengthen your negotiating position

    Compare the cost of banking services worldwide:

    • Bank by bank
    • Entity by entity

    As HawkeyeBSB accumulates your bank fee statements over time, the performance of your treasury operations comes into focus. Virtually every cash management function you have performed with your banks lands on the account analysis.

    By standardizing and organizing all of this information, you gain the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of your treasury practices. In the same light, with a strong baseline of what has happened, HawkeyeBSB can then model and predict the impact of future treasury operations on your bank fees.

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