Take control of your payment card strategy and acceptance costs.

Managing a complex payment acceptance strategy is difficult and requires a sizeable investment of time and resources. Not only must organizations remain current on industry trends, technology and best practices, they must also keep up with rules and regulatory changes.

If not effectively managed, payment acceptance costs can outpace the market by 10%-15% (or greater) on an annual basis, adding up to significant overpayment over time.

Outsource the strategic oversight of your payment card acceptance programs to Redbridge

Our new payment card outsourcing service provides you with a dedicated team of payments industry experts whose only mission is to proactively manage your organization’s payment acceptance environment.

As independent advisors, we work for you to provide:

  • Rule and regulatory guidance
  • Alignment of payment methods and payment channels
  • Interchange optimization
  • Contractual compliance
  • Chargeback management

It’s all designed to lower costs, maximize efficiency and give time back to your treasury organization.

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Our approach

Crafted to change the way you manage your payments arrangements worldwide

We combine the power of HawkeyeCard with over 20 years of payments experience and expertise to provide you with insight, functionality and proactive management in four key areas:

1. Accessibility

Access reliable data in a timely fashion.

We establish a direct electronic feed with your providers, giving you the ability to effectively compare fees and cost structures.

2. Accountability

Hold your partners accountable.

Hold your partners accountable to contractual arrangements, pricing grids and technology-driven solutions. Our tools and technology identify inconsistencies and errors in your statements. From there, our team works on your behalf to correct the underlying issue and secure the necessary reimbursement.

3. Visibility

Gain insight into acceptance-related costs at the most granular level.

Our tools and technology quickly interpret and understand the rich data provided in your statements. By organizing all of this information, you gain insight into interchange, card brand, transaction, gateway, chargeback and other acceptance-related costs at a granular level.

4. Predictability

Model and predict future card fees.

We harness best in class tools and technology to give your organization insight and perspective when it comes to managing current and future costs.

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