"Without Redbridge's help, it wouldn't have been possible to consult such a wide range of specialists within such a short time, particularly since the subject of electronic banking is extremely technical"

Jean-Claude Poupard


  • Europe


  • Optimize the Group’s structure by pooling card transactions with a single service provider


  • Pricing and quantities were reduced by over 20% in handling costs (interchange, scheme and processing) along with a strong increase in Dynamic Currency Conversion revenues
  • Significant progress surrounding quality, particularly in optimization of processing and collection times, integration of all card types into the structure, as well as outsourcing of legal issues (PCI, DSS, & EMV)

Redbridge’s role

  • Informal consultation of professionals (banks and service providers) followed by the launch and supervision of a European call for bids
  • Support up to conclusion of the contract with the winning bidder

Redbridge’s added value

  • Knowledge of the market and cross-border acquirer banks gained as a result of several similar missions
  • Proven methodology
  • Independence in relation to a large number of actors, banks and service providers
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