Trusted advisor to finance and treasury departments

Redbridge Debt & Treasury Advisory is a leading financial management partner to corporations around the globe.

We assist companies in their development throughout the world by providing support for all their financing and treasury projects.

Our teams are located in Houston, New York, Paris, Geneva and London.

Our values

At Redbridge, we change the rules of the game to empower our clients. We look beyond conventional methods, conceive new strategies, and work hard to transform the financial industry.

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    We care for people. We aim to always be warm and humble. In all we do, we are respectful of the work done by our clients. We think, live and work for the interests of our clients, employees and environment.

  • Committed

    If there is a better way, we will work hard to find it. We go the extra mile to deliver the best results and exceed our clients' expectations.

  • Independent

    We are conflict free. We are accountable. Our transparent approach provides a lens into our advisory process, giving clients full control over the decision-making process.

Operational, specialized and transparent

We are committed to providing every client with the information required to make the best decisions and optimize their financial performance.

Our trusted advisors act as an extension of your financial unit, providing the necessary resources and expertise for a successful project.

Our advice is specialized, transparent and adapted to the complexity of each situation.
Our fee model is based on your success.

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