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Is Your Supply Chain a Better Liquidity Investment Option Than Bank Deposits?

The minimum requirements introduced by the Basel III framework and the prolonged negative short-term interest rates environment have led banks to charge for demand deposits and deposits with residual maturities of less than three months. Money market funds and even secured structured products have also been losing money for a while. Hence corporate treasurers have been forced to accept burning cash to preserve their liquid investments. Fortunately, no storm lasts forever, but before the situation improves, our wisest advice is to escape this cash dilemma and pave for the future by investing into the supply chain where myriad benefits are within reach.

Market Update on Factoring and Reverse Factoring Solutions in Europe

Due to the recovery of industrial production and international trade, working capital has become one of the main challenges finance departments are facing today. Asset-based financing solutions can facilitate working capital management, diversify sources of financing and optimize the cost of debt. Listen to our November 16, 2021 market update on key players in factoring and reverse factoring businesses in Europe.

The Keys to Successful In-House Banking

In-house banking provides a number of advantages to financial departments when it comes to managing their cash flow more effectively: it helps them combat fraud, control financial risks and optimize their working capital requirements. Jéromine Adler and Arielle Chave, consultants in Redbridge’s Treasury Advisory team, highlight some of the keys to success when it comes to such projects.

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