A special report on the cash management & payment trends that will transform your treasury department in 2022

The growth and vitality of the payments industry has fascinated all observers during the past two years of the pandemic. Now with recent geopolitical developments arising from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is being tested again.

Our new publication analyzes the most prevalent trends and innovations in the treasury world today.

Included in this publication:

  • The Global Resurgence of QR Codes
  • Choosing the Right Payment Terminal in an Ever-Changing Environment
  • The Rise of Buy Now, Pay Later
  • PCI Compliance in an E-Commerce World
  • Where Do Banks Stand in the Race for Digital?
  • Virtual Accounts, Which Companies Should Implement Them?
  • The Future & Alternatives to SWIFT GPI
  • Global Digitization in the Depository Space
  • “Switching Banks Was the Right Decision”: An Interview with Olivier Bouillaud from Albéa

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This survey report provides helpful market research to commercial banks and corporate treasurers regarding the adoption and accessibility of bank fee data in all countries and territories around the world.

Monitoring the growth in the adoption of this type of reporting in each country helps banks secure budget to keep up with their competitors. It also gives large corporate clients insight into how much they may be spending across the entire network of banks they use.

This survey, facilitated by Redbridge on behalf of the SWIFT Common Group Implementation (CGI) Working Group 5, was sent to all CGI member banks as well as regional and global banks known to have capabilities of electronic bank fee reporting outside of the U.S.

Redbridge received responses from 14 banks.

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Learn everything you need to know about the next wave of card brand updates, slated for April 2021

Last year, card brands Visa, Mastercard, and Discover introduced some of the most sweeping and transformative changes to their interchange rate and fee structures in more than a decade. They touted that these modifications would alleviate the cost of acceptance in certain sectors, yet most businesses experienced increases in cost.

We are beginning to see the dust settle on the 2020 changes — just in time to prepare for the next round of updates to take effect in April.

In total, interchange adjustments will add a net $889 million to merchants’ costs in 2021, according to an analysis by CMSPi.

If you’re responsible for managing payments, regardless of your industry, you need to be proactive and practical in understanding the impact these changes will have on your business. Our new guide covers everything you need to know about the changes coming your way, including how they will affect your business and what you can do now to prepare for the next major release in April.

Included in this guide:

  • Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going: 2020-2021 Card Brand Changes
  • How to Prepare for the 2021 Changes
  • Merchants May Be Facing Higher Reserve Requirements From Acquirers and Processors
  • Chargebacks and Returns: Best Practices for Merchants in 2021
  • BONUS! Who’s Who in Payments: Mergers and Acquisitions in the Global Payments Industry

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An Insights From the Field special report on the treasury trends and innovations that swept 2020

Every crisis provides an opportunity for change and often produces dysfunctions and accelerates the need for immediate and disruptive actions. Change was already in motion in 2020, and the pandemic only acted as an accelerant.

This publication analyzes the trends and innovations in the treasury world that were already in motion before the COVID-19 pandemic began and that either accelerated or gained tremendous publicity during the pandemic.

Included in this report:

  • Deposit Strategies in a Changing Banking Landscape
  • The Pros and Cons of Faster Electronic Payments
  • COVID-19 Forced My Digital Transformation. Now What?
  • Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going: An Overview of 2020-2021 Card Brand Changes
  • Transitions in the Global Payments Market

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Redbridge’s 2020 Payments Report is a source for trends and insights into today’s dynamic payments environment.

This second edition explores how various stakeholders position themselves in the payments industry and covers topics related to innovative payments, instant payments, ecommerce and fraud mitigation.

Contributions from treasury practitioners, bankers, payment service providers (PSPs) and vendors are coupled with in-depth analysis from our treasury consultants.

Included in our review:

  • Analysis: An overview on the future of payment
  • Analysis: Ecommerce, a strategy to maximize sales while limiting fraud
  • Instant payment survey with banks, vendors and PSPs

As well as interviews with:

  • Michel Yvon, Decathlon
  • Charles Lutran, Criteo
  • Isabelle Olivier, SWIFT

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For our new survey on treasury forecasting at major corporations, we interviewed 102 financial managers in Europe and the United States.


  • Overview of treasury forecasting practices at major corporations
  • Could artificial intelligence revolutionize forecasting processes?


  • Sanofi
  • Marsh & McLennan
  • Page Group
  • Verteego


Redbridge experts have created this brochure to help explain some of the complexities within the payment card industry.

This guide is meant to concentrate a large amount of information that is typically scattered across the internet as well as payments professionals. We hope that you will become more confident in understanding your card acceptance and the payments ecosystem.

In this guidebook you will find:

  • A definition of the players in the payment card industry
  • A definition of the common fees associated with payment cards that merchants face
  • A description of merchant statements including common frequencies merchants receive their statements
  • A definition of effective rates and their impact to a merchant
  • The seven stages of a payment card transaction
  • A definition and the process of chargebacks
  • A description of common equipment including software, peripherals, and point-to-point systems
  • A definition of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

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Global Snapshot

The accessibility of global bank fee reporting has greatly expanded in recent years driven strongly by the European market. As treasury departments become more centralized, the ability to receive files in TWIST BSB, camt.086 (ISO20022), or EDI822 format from banks in every country allows the Treasurer and CFO complete visibility into their global bank relationships. This information empowers treasurers to make informed strategic decisions about fairly sharing their fee wallets, performing vendor due diligence, and managing the performance of regional treasury operations.

The Asia Pacific region has shown considerable growth since just last year followed by consistent but slow growth in Africa, Latin America, and Central European countries. Corporate treasurers reading the results of this survey should keep in mind that while files may be noted as available in a certain country, availability may be determined by the size and classification of the accounts held. The best way to determine if a file is available for a specific company is to ask your account officer.

About This Survey

This survey was conducted on behalf of a working group made up of corporations, banks, and vendors working to improve bank billing globally and in coordination with the Common Global Implementation Working Group #5. Redbridge DTA facilitated the survey and aggregated the results. The results of this survey were in no way altered by Redbridge DTA.

It is important to note that 12 major banks providing cash management services on a global scale participated in the survey. The results from this survey may not reflect full capabilities of the market or the banks that participated. At least five other banks have been known in the market to provide BSB files but did not participate in the survey.

To access the full survey results, please complete the form below.

Commodity trading firms face a large number of risks that could jeopardize a patiently fostered business

Given the multitude of industry specific challenges at present for commodity trading firms, Redbridge’s consulting team believes in sharing its thoughts on a wide range of topics of interest through a publication designed especially for this select audience.

In this publication

  • Trading firms and banks: who’s afraid of whom?
  • What’s driving the risk appetite of your (potential) financing banks?
  • Why borrowing bases are valuable opportunities to consider
  • The alternative represented by trade finance funds
  • How to achieve a consolidated vision of all the trades processed at each moment in time

And also, a conversation with

  • Trafigura
  • Louis Dreyfus Commodities
  • Alvean


What are the opportunities for treasurers in the electronic banking systems of the future?

The Internet has completely redefined the relationship of sales and space and has driven the emergence of the omnichannel concept. For each merchant, modernism today is using all possible channels of contact in order to strengthen its relationship with its customers. Sales are now viewed as a comprehensive process of touch points, through the continuity of using several independent channels.

Marketplace, omnichannels, industry trends, payment terminals, acquisition… there are many concepts to understand in order to seize the opportunities of digitalization.

In this publication

Our new study presents electronic banking opportunities for the future, presented through the viewpoints of our experts and the perspectives of 34 financial managers who participated last autumn in a comprehensive survey on the subject.

  • The omnichannel approach: challenges for Treasury departments
  • How to benefit from the consolidations within the payment industry?
  • Managing payment terminals in changing environment
  • Optimizing payment card acquisition cost: negotiating the merchant commission



Find out which banks currently provide BSB files to monitor your international treasury operations?


Over the last twelve months, Redbridge Debt and Treasury Advisory in conjunction with the CGI Workgroup 5 has conducted one of the most extensive surveys of BSB availability and scope of Global AFP code usage to date.


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