"Redbridge played a critical role in the definition of our treasury operating model and the system selection and implementation processes following our demerger from the Louis Dreyfus Company. "

Julien Chassaing
Head of Treasury and Structured Finance, IXM

Project overview

Definition and implementation of a new treasury system architecture against the backdrop of IXM leaving the Louis Dreyfus Company group and becoming a standalone organization


  • Ensure continued relevant functionality after the demerger
  • Define a sustainable, flexible and streamlined target operating model for the group’s treasury function across the world
  • Ensure smooth, timely implementation of the new model


  • Increased visibility and better internal understanding of critical aspects of the treasury’s organization, processes and systems
  • Market practices benchmark
  • Optimal FX platform and TMS selection
  • Implementation based on IXM’s specific situation and requirements
  • Improved internal resource management given Redbridge’s project manager role


Redbridge adopted a methodology that was tailor-made for IXM:

  • assess the existing organization’s processes and systems, their gaps and any future needs
  • formalize the strategy for the new treasury function together with the management team
  • design the target operating model
  • define the implementation roadmap for the selected target architecture
  • manage the RFI / RFP and implementation processes for the selected systems.

Redbridge’s added value

  • Independent, unbiased assessment of the existing organizations, adopting a forward-looking approach to go beyond legacy structures
  • Global treasury best-practice benchmarking
  • Broad knowledge of treasury management system market and vendors
  • In-depth expertise in treasury functions, enabling Redbridge to address all aspects of the activity and summarize the key decisions to be made by the management team
  • Dedicated resources for project management
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