"In an evolving banking environment, Redbridge’s market knowledge and expertise have enabled us to select the partner that most closely meets our specifications. "

Guy de Villenaut
Finance and Treasury Director


  • Implementing cross-border and notional multi-currency cash pooling
  • Twelve European countries, seven currencies


  • Secure and centralize liquidities
  • Optimize the related financial conditions
  • Increase organizational efficiencies
  • Maintain existing local banking relationships
  • Limit the impact of regulatory and banking constraints (collateral, Basel III, etc.)


  • One overlay partner selected to manage cross-border and multi-currency notional zero balanced account (ZBA)
  • Optimized and simple conditions to follow in the event of expansion of the cash pooling’s scope
  • Well-structured operations


  • Account mapping and treasury positions
  • Definition of a long-term target architecture
  • Request for bids in two rounds to select the best partner

Redbridge’s Added Value

  • Knowledge of bank capacities and points of vigilance to be studied in depth:
  • Exact functioning of netting in each country
  • New restrictions related to Basel III regulations
  • Return on the multi-currency notional loop
  • Legal and contractual commitments
  • A multi-team collaborative plan (Finance, Project Management Service, Legal, Accounting, Tax) for five months
  • Project pacing and schedule management
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