"Redbridge’s unique market knowledge enabled us to make the most of each bank and achieve our objectives. "

Anna Wagensberg
Head of Accounting and Taxes at Metro Cash & Carry France


  • Optimize payment card conditions, with a specific focus on enhancing commercial payment card acceptance
  • Geographical scope: France


  • Optimize the cost of the electronic banking commercial processing chain
  • Limit the impact of regulations on payment cards with on-us transactions
  • Harmonize billing methods and establish uniform reporting standards between Metro and its banks
  • Mitigate acceptance costs and implement a process to control fees


  • Achieved significant savings, especially with commercial card acceptance
  • Converted over 60% of cards to on-us
  • Reallocated and redirected cash flows toward more competitive partners who were motivated to work with Metro France
  • Partially harmonized billing and reporting methods


  • Audited existing services and conditions
  • Led two rounds of consultation
  • Provided recurring reports so that Metro France could make the right decisions at every step of the process
  • Provided simulations and recommendations for asset allocation based on the group’s policy and responses from the financial institutions

Redbridge’s Added Value 

  • Delivered actionable recommendations: identified key players and facilitated discussions, writing consultation and summary documents, etc.
  • Led the consultation process: worked with a tight schedule and interacted with respondents
  • Unique market knowledge: negotiated with different parties to achieve optimal results
  • Provided end-to-end support until service agreements were implemented with each of the chosen banks
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