BSB Newsletter – A newsletter all about bank billing to corporations and other wholesale bank services users: standards, adoption of standards, billing practices and optimizing the billing experience.

Support for the Bank Services Billing standard continues to grow as additional banks support and market practice grow. What’s the incentive? Efficiency, transparency, accuracy.

This issue’s news and articles coverage include:

  • Updates to AFP’s Global Service Codes – A new version of AFP’s (the Association for Financial Professionals) Global Service Codes is in final draft.
    Page 2
  • Building a Business Case – Corporate case studies – Views from corporate practitioners on the value realized from use of the Bank services Billing schema.
    Page 2
  • German Market Rulebook – Progress by German banks in defining a German domestic market practice for use of the ISO 20022 BSB.
    Page 3
  • Bank Survey Results – Global availability of BSB – The survey has been completed. Bank and country coverage of ISO 20022 and TWIST BSB capabilities are reported.
    Page 3
  • Vendor Survey Result – Updated results from the previously published Vendor Survey
    Page 4
  • A BSB File is Finally Available from My Bank…Now What?!? – Tips and tricks for the corporate practitioner.
    Page 6

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