Introducing the Redbridge debt advisory team

Introducing the Redbridge Debt Advisory Team: your ally in navigating the financial landscape. Beyond our expertise in credit and debt management, we’re your partners committed to fostering growth and ensuring stability. With a rich background of global experience and a commitment to tailored solutions, our team not only helps your business prepare for the future — but stay ahead of it.

Each member of the team embodies the passion and precision that define our approach to debt advisory, bringing their unique insights into the heart of what we do and why it matters. With that in mind, meet the skilled professionals whose expertise powers the Redbridge Debt Advisory Team:

What does the debt advisory team do?

“Here at Redbridge, we provide strategic advice on credit profiles and capital structure. We also help clients structure and arrange debt. The reason I came to Redbridge was because as an ex-banker, I often had conflicts as to what was best for my clients and wanted to provide unbiased advice. Here at Redbridge, I love working to find my clients solutions that are the best for them. ”

– Audrey Lokker, Senior Director, Redbridge

How does the team operate?

“As one of the largest independent debt advisors, we are able to cover the comprehensive range of instruments and topics including: credit ratings, bank financing, syndicated loans, public markets, private markets, asset based financing, securitization, equity linked, etc. At Redbridge, we all work under the same flag with the same DNA, and the same objective: to bring transparency to our clients and help them make the most informed decisions. ”

– David Laugier, COO, Redbridge

Why did you choose this role?

“After 20 years in banking, I joined Redbridge because there is a real need in the mid-corporate space for better transparency and unbiased thought. At the end of the day, we arm our clients with better information so that they can make better recommendations to their key stakeholders.”

– Juan Trejo III, Relationship Manager-Director, Redbridge

Why is debt advisory so important?

“Lending markets are complex, volatile and not very transparent. Lenders’ advice is biased by essence! Independent debt advisory is the key to seeing the full picture and being able to identify what debt solutions and financial strategies are best for a given company at a given time.”

– Didier Philouze, Managing Director, Redbridge

Dedicated to providing you with the strategic guidance

The landscape of debt markets is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Redbridge’s debt advisory team is dedicated to providing you with the strategic guidance and support needed to navigate these changes effectively. Our tailored solutions: * Bullet points of features of our solutions * ensuring you remain competitive and financially healthy.

Explore how the Redbridge Debt Advisory Team can elevate your financial strategy and secure your business’s future.

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