With the recent lifting of the ban on merchant surcharging, the U.S. payments industry has not seen widespread adoption. However, as fees continue to climb, card-not-present volumes increase, and there are fewer options to lower fees, merchants are finding themselves backed into a corner.

Depending on the industry, merchant surcharging may be a fit – but it is not one size fits all.

Equally important, proper application is paramount to a program’s success and avoiding cardholder complaints. Our goal in this webinar is to give you a better understanding of surcharging, not weigh in on whether it is good or bad.

Watch the webinar

Register to watch the on-demand webinar, “Understanding the Complex World of Payment Card Surcharging.”

Redbridge payment card expert Dan Carter explores the history of credit card surcharges, what they actually are, and how merchants can correctly apply them if they so choose.

About the presenter

Dan Carter, CTP, CPP, joined Redbridge Debt & Treasury Advisory to lead the North American Payment Card Solutions. Before joining Redbridge in 2017, Dan worked primarily in the treasury advisory and payment processing spaces. In that time, he worked with hundreds of clients in various industries to optimize their payment card operations. Dan specifically reviewed those operations to reduce fees, improve efficiency, and educate merchants.

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