"Redbridge's tools, experience and involvement have given us a clearer overview of our cash management fees across four countries and have helped us generate new savings. "

Samuel Antunes
Director of Group Cash Management and Financing

Assignment Overview

  • Scope: France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Burkina Faso; 15 legal entities; 12 commercial banks surveyed
  • Overhaul of cash management fees, excluding electronic payment flows


  • Benefit from new pricing standards on banking fees (including eliminating account activity fees)
  • Benefit from more transparent invoicing and raise banks’ awareness of the need to produce dematerialized invoices
  • Ensure that good relations are maintained between L’Occitane and its banking partners


  • Reduced cash management costs by one-third
  • Permanently eliminated account activity fees
  • Received commitment from banks to issue dematerialized invoices (varies according to the institution, camt.086/BSB or CSV)


  • Analyzed operations and pricing grid
  • Prepared consultation materials and consultation launch
  • Executed first phase of bank rating
  • Executed second rating after reassessing individual improvement points bank by bank
  • Validated and signed tariff agreements

Redbridge’s Added Value 

  • End-to-end management of consultation
  • Thorough quantitative analysis
  • Interface role with one bank that adopted a rigid pricing position
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