"Redbridge enabled us to identify opportunities to obtain improved terms and conditions on our AMEX card acquiring volumes."

Frédéric Darche
Head of Treasury, Boulanger SA

Presentation of the mission

Renegotiation of the existing AMEX acquiring conditions, assistance in drafting amendments to the original contract and implementation of the new conditions.


  • Gather existing data (annual volumes and current conditions)
  • Analyse current contractual commitments
  • Determine the optimal points to negotiate
  • Recommendations on the best negotiation strategy
  • Leading the negotiations with AMEX to ensure a satisfactory conclusion
  • Working side by side with Boulanger during the contractual phase
  • Ensuring the implementation of the newly negotiated conditions


  • Very noticeable improvements in conditions leading to significant financial savings
  • Clear identification of the potential issues prior to starting discussions with AMEX
  • Conducting a rapid negotiation process lasting only 1 month between launch and final offer
  • Simple pricing for quick and easy implementation, as well as on-going monitoring
  • Rapid implementation of the new conditions


A three step process –

  1.  Collecting volumes and conditions to determine points of negotiation and best strategy to adopt
  2.  Negotiating directly with AMEX to drive the process and minimize the number of stages
  3.  Support in drawing up commercial contracts and devising a process to ensure correct application of the new conditions

Redbridge’s added value

  • An accurate and detailed audit of current volumes and conditions
  • A rigorous and tailor-made process to obtain rapid results
  • Excellent market intelligence, as well as knowledge of key issues for retail acquiring
  • Redbridge’s leadership and guidance, in collaboration with the Treasury Department, as well as the Indirect Purchasing Department.
  • A robust and effective approach during discussions with AMEX
  • Support up to signature of the contractual amendments, together with implementation of the new conditions.
  • A win-win project generating a positive ROI, with savings flowing straight through to the bottom line!
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