"Each month, HawkeyeBSB provides a complete overview of our bank fees. We are now easily able to understand, compare, and control the various banking services invoiced."

Michael Girszyn
Head of Bank and IT Finance Governance

Engagement overview

  • Control bank fees and automate analyses with our bank fee monitoring software, HawkeyeBSB


  • Control the number of cash management services billed by each bank
  • Define the amount of bank fees deducted from each account
  • Ensure the conditions, rates, and classification were correctly applied to cash management services
  • Produce audit track for VAT reporting


  • Detailed view of fees paid to each bank in France, Luxembourg, and Belgium (initial scope retained by Engie)
  • Significant increase in cash visibility on new accounts, new fee categories, variance analysis of negotiated conditions vs. actual, etc.
  • Cash refund of overpaid charges based on disputed discrepancies



  • Built secure and automated file delivery channel by leveraging the existing bank connectivity
  • HawkeyeBSB automatically reconciled bank codes and pricing schedule regardless of bank accounts, banks, or countries involved
  • When reporting, HawkeyeBSB automatically and consistently pointed out the differences between expected costs and invoiced costs, facilitating the recovery of undue charges

Redbridge’s added value

  • Provided a combination of industry standard and proprietary classification of bank services, resulting in greater harmonization and comparability
  • Provided the ability to compare costs between Engie’s banks across various countries, subsidiaries, products, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of bank pricing structures and a constructive approach that enabled Engie to collaborate more effectively with its banks during implementation.

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