Redbridge is working with Verteego, the AI experts, to make cash flow forecasting simpler and more accurate.

What is the purpose of this partnership?

To enable you to automate your recurring cash flow forecasting activities, generate more reliable short and medium term forecasts and make timely decisions thanks to the algorithmic models that form the basis of AI and Machine Learning!

Data scientists team up with treasury experts

The collaboration between Redbridge and Verteego brings together two areas of expertise—finance and big data—building a unique end-to-end market AI capability relevant to every organisation. More specifically it brings:

  • In-depth knowledge of cash flow forecasting models and key cash flow variables
  • Project leadership by cash flow experts
  • Ready-to-use and customisable technology (the “Verteego Brain”)
  • Compatibility with your business information systems (e.g. ERP, TMS, etc.)
  • Automation of recurring tasks and model calibration through your own organisation’s historic data.

A–Z support:

    • Diagnostic
      • Understanding of the organisation’s requirements, tools, processes and existing projects relating to cash flow forecasting.
      • Practical recommendations in setting up cash flow forecasts.
      • Development of a roadmap with an overall estimate of costs and an indication on the importance and complexity of each task.
      • Identification of technical and functional requirements
    • Testing
      • Data preparation.
      • Testing of AI models to the various elements of the cash flow forecasting matrix.
      • Verteego Brain training with practical data leading to calibrations of the model
      • Test phase on a given perimeter (in vitro).
    • Deployment and subscription phase
      • Phased deployment across the entire scope
      • Connection of ERP and cash flow systems to the Verteego Brain
      • Continuous updates of the model with new data
      • Change management
      • Integration to all other relevant systems
      • Support & software updates
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