We support you at every step of your cash pooling project. Together, we design a cash pooling solution tailored to your organization and objectives. We quantify your requirements and manage the selection of your partners – banks and system vendors – and then we manage the implementation in line with your goals and timeframes.

Your challenges

You want to maximize the use of internal cash by concentrating it to a single entity.

The benefits of cash pooling include;

  • decreasing your idle cash balances
  • improving visibility on your cash
  • promoting intra-group financing and diminishing the use of bank credit lines
  • reducing the number of FX conversions
  • increasing operational efficiencies at the local subsidiary level

Unsure whether to select a bank cash pooling solution or use your Treasury Management System? Need help solving some of the following challenges?

  • which country / subsidiary / currency do you include
  • how do the services of your banking partners compare
  • what are the legal, fiscal and personnel regulations you need to comply with

What we offer

Unparalleled experience of implementing numerous domestic and cross-border cash pools over many years.

The legal and tax environments are highly complex, and often our solutions combine physical cash pooling (zero-balance account pooling) with multi-currency notional cash pooling (overlay pooling).

Our specialists have a wealth of experience in project management and can help you throughout the various steps of implementing your cash pool;

  • Process mapping (cash positions, overdraft facilities, investments at each country, entity and bank)
  • Structuring (including location of centralizing account; single or multi-entity; number of levels; method of supplying liquidity to each entity, country and currency concerned; caculation of intraday limits)
  • analysis of technical, regulatory and fiscal barriers
  • selection of the optimal partners for your cash pooling, with the most competitive conditions
  • coordination of the stakeholders involved in the cash pooling project to ensure smooth implementation. These stakeholders include your in-house treasury, accounting, legal and tax , as well as banks and 3rd party providers)

Return on investment

  • Streamlining the number of accounts and banks, as well as legal entities, makes it easier to implement the solution. What’s more, you can make substantial savings by renegotiating your bank fees, which in turn can make the business case for a cash pooling solution even more compelling.

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