Against a backdrop of increased financial, operational and fraud risks, we help you build a safer, more robust, structure for your treasury activities.

Your challenges

You face a multitude of risks on a daily basis – counterparty, market volatility, political risk, potential fraud or data breaches, business continuity – and now sustainability – all of which can have a negative impact on your results.

In response, you must continuously evaluate your structure, strategies and business processes to ensure your treasury activities are protected against these risks and that you can function to achieve your objectives and those of safeguarding the group’s financial assets.

To help you evaluate these risks, you need to implement analytical procedures aimed at:

  • measuring your financial risks (rates and currency)
  • understanding the factors that determine your liquidity risk
  • assessing your operational risks (default, fraud)
  • quantifying and understanding financial and accounting issues in terms of IFRS standards.
  • Identifying employee or system dependencies
  • Evaluating your supply chain & business practices to ensure they meet banks’ ESG policies

You need to structure your internal management and control processes to optimize your risk management and see where you need to upgrade existing systems or add new ones.

What we can offer you

To help you determine whether your treasury department is comprehensively protected against today’s risks, as well as emerging ones, we carry out a thorough diagnostic, which includes;

  • mapping of all the risks and internal controls, as well as evaluating systems, within your treasury to identify areas of weaknesses or potential gaps
  • reviewing group-wide hedging strategies for currency and interest rate risks
  • recommendations on risk management tools tailored to your functional and technical needs.

Our team of cash professionals has extensive experience in risk mitigation diagnosis. We draw upon recognised standards to base our recommendations and ensure your project is successful by supporting you throughout its implementation. We can work across various departments and subsidiaries to transform your risk management systems and provide you with a group view.

Case studies

  • Case study no. 1

    • Sector: Electronic interconnection components
    • Revenue: around €360 million
    • Geographic scope: Europe, United States, Asia
    • Year / duration of assignment: 2018 – two months
    • Objectives and outcome of assignment:
      • assessing exposure to currency risk
      • identification of methods to manage this exposure
      • overhaul of the currency risk hedging strategy
  • Case study no. 2

    • Sector: investor, hotel owner and operator
    • Revenue: around €4 billion
    • Geographic scope: Europe
    • Year / duration of assignment: 2019 – three months
    • Objectives and outcome of assignment:
      • formalization of the internal control repository for cash transactions
      • recommendations for the internal control system based on local best practices

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