"Opting for the HawkeyeBSB solution after a comprehensive bank fee negotiation conducted by Redbridge was a good decision. Through this project, we were able to closely monitor the negotiated pricing lists and challenge our banks on various fees. We noticed a positive return on investment within the first year. "

Charles Lutran
Head of Group Treasury Financing, Criteo.

Engagement Overview

  • HawkeyeBSB – Analysis & monitoring of cash management fees
  • Global scope (17 countries)
  • 5 banking groups



  • Verifying the implementation of cash management conditions following a structured negotiation of these fees
  • Monitoring the volume of services invoiced by each bank
  • Recovering bank charges that were in error


  • Provided comprehensive knowledge of cash management prices and services
  • Highlighted new banking services with standard pricing to be monitored and negotiated if necessary
  • Obtained an accurate view of the fees paid to each bank


  • Implementation (from kick-off to Go Live) completed in 6 months (despite the pandemic)
  • Automatic integration of bank files received via Swiftnet FileAct into the HawkeyeBSB tool
  • Construction of pricing grids (21 combinations) based on the negotiated banking condition catalogues and the standard conditions of the new services
  • Reporting: HawkeyeBSB automatically and consistently identifies discrepancies between expected and invoiced charges, allowing for improved recovery of undue charges

Redbridge’s Added Value

  • Cash management expertise to help you understand, manage and track pricing structures
  • Ability to conduct cross-comparisons by bank, country, subsidiary, product etc.
  • Shared methodology and regular follow ups for implementing internal processes to automate and track bank charges
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