"The role of Redbridge has been important as sparring partner and instrumental in supporting us to obtain optimal terms and conditions for such a key financing transaction for the Group. "

Zekeriya Turhal
Group Treasurer

Engagement overview

  • Guide Ocean Partners (OP) through the renewal process of its metal concentrate borrowing base facility.


  • Enhance OP’s awareness of market best practices for this type of instrument.
  • Improve transparency regarding banks’ risk perception of the facility.
  • Successfully renew the facility and potentially optimize liquidity up to an agreed threshold.
  • Maintain or increase participation from existing lenders and attract new banks to the facility.
  • Secure additional specific structural improvements, including pricing.


  • Ensure the facility is renewed promptly, aligning with targeted liquidity goals.
  • Obtain lenders’ consent for proposed structural changes.
  • Welcome a new bank into the deal.
  • Optimize pricing, including margin and fees.


  • Implement a timely and systematic approach in line with the agreed renewal calendar.
  • Provide advisory support for the bank consultation process, including the preparation of necessary supporting materials.
  • Conduct benchmarking against recent comparable deals.
  • Offer advisory services on the optimal structure and potential implementation strategy.
  • Maintain close oversight of the bank negotiation process and conduct liquidity analysis.
  • Engage in related negotiations to align with the targeted structure and conditions.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of all transaction documentation.

Value added by Redbridge

  • Leverage dedicated expert capacity in commodity trade finance techniques and club deal arrangements.
  • Provide a detailed perspective on potential improvements based on comparable deals.
  • Possess a thorough understanding of banks’ practices, credit risk perceptions, and key drivers.
  • Utilize a structured analytical process to analyze, synthesize, and issue recommendations derived from numerous bilateral bank discussions.
  • Employ a two-step negotiation approach, facilitating the attainment of optimal terms and conditions from a diverse panel of international lenders.
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