"Redbridge played a critical role in the definition of a common best-in-class treasury operating model following the merger between Technip and FMC"

Philippe Soulenq
Director, Corporate Treasury

Project Overview

  • Definition of the target operating model for the future treasury function after the merger between Technip and FMC


  • Define a sustainable, streamlined target operating model for the group treasury function based on best market practices
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder
  • Establish a clear action plan and future milestones


  • Comprehensive assessment and recommendations regarding:
    • Organization
    • Treasury processes
    • Systems
    • Cash management
  • Detailed benchmarking based on a sample of relevant peers
  • Definition of a target operating model with a full set of recommendations
  • Roadmap for each of the different projects to be carried out


Redbridge’s methodology was based on a four-step approach:

  • Assess the existing organizations to be merged, their gaps and any future needs
  • Formalize the strategy for the new treasury function with the management team
  • Design the target operating model
  • Define the implementation roadmap for the selected target architecture

Redbridge’s added value

  • Independent, unbiased assessment of the existing organizations with a forward-looking approach to go beyond legacy structures
  • In-depth expertise of treasury functions, enabling Redbridge to address all aspects of the activity and summarize the key decisions to be made by the management team
  • Dedicated French-American team aiming to manage change and ensure a smooth transition to the new Group Treasury model
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