"Our new syndicated loan takes full advantage of Redbridge's proven process, based on Redbridge’s expertise and in-depth discussions with each bank, who are thus able to make their best offers."

Brice Fournet
Chief Financial Officer

Engagement overview

  • Refinancing Aegide’s syndicated loan set up in 2018 (refinancing loan + capex loan + revolving credit facility)
  • Integrating ESG KPIs into a Sustainability-Linked Loan (SLL)


  • Increase Term Loan and RCF amounts and extend maturities
  • Integrate 3 Sustainable Performance Targets
  • Optimize financial conditions and make documentation more flexible
  • Expand the pool of lenders



  • Syndicated loan of €165m (vs. €105m):
    • revolving credit facility : 115m€ (5+1 years)
    • term loan : 50m€ (6 years)
  • Margin grid improved
  • More flexible legal terms
  • Pool of lenders expanded to four new banks


  • Validation of the financing needs
  • Consultation launched with the pool of existing banks and new banks
  • Bilateral discussions/negotiations with all potential lenders
  • Alignment towards consensual terms and conditions

Value added by Redbridge

  • Process: maintaining a fair competition among lenders during the whole process
  • Execution within a tight timing, allowing to maintain momentum
  • Terms & Conditions: back and forth discussions with lenders to align them towards the objectives of Aegide
  • Negotiation of a more flexible documentation
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