"Using HawkeyeBSB enables us to increase transparency with our banking partners, and is part of Airbus’s long-term aim to continuously improve our transactional banking relationships."

Myriam Engels
Cash Management Compliance

Assignment overview

HawkeyeBSB — analysis and monitoring of cash management fees


  • To check whether bank invoices (volumes and unit prices) are correct
  • Act as a catalyst for the progressive harmonization of fee schedules
  • Increase the visibility of the banking services used by subsidiaries and head office’s understanding of them
  • Better calibrate calls to tender for future bids for bank services


  • An accurate view of the overall charges paid to each bank at Group level
  • Visible improvements in billing processes and rectifications from the banks as soon as the implementation phase was launched
  • Accurate identification of billing discrepancies, enabling them to be corrected
  • Facilitates easy comparison of bank charges between banks and countries


  • Automatic integration of the bank files received via Swiftnet FileAct into the HawkeyeBSB tool
  • This solution automatically matches bank codes with fee schedules, regardless of the bank account, bank or country involved
  • Reporting: HawkeyeBSB automatically and consistently flags discrepancies between expected charges and those that have been invoiced, making it easier to recover undue charges

Redbridge’s added value

  • An open, easy-to-use and user-friendly tool
  • The capacity to integrate Airbus-specific data (such as internal codes) directly into the tool
  • Diligent support during the implementation phase and providing expertise in the operation of bank charges
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