"The process the Redbridge team deployed has enabled us to conduct comprehensive analyses, achieve better prices, ensure we provide the highest-quality services and map out ways to improve the acceptance of our payment cards."

Arnaud Winkelmann
Chief Finance & Treasury Officer

Assignment overview

  • Project: optimization of payment card and bank services
  • Scope: France


  • To compare the Group’s payment card architecture with best market practices
  • To make recommendations about how to improve the organization of payments, the customer journey, service provider management and security
  • To optimize payment card and cash management fees and to improve Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) revenues
  • To harmonize the services, procedures, billing methods and reporting used and provided by the various banks


  • To improve the Group’s vision in terms of best market practices in card transactions and define a roadmap for the years ahead
  • >20% savings onve bank services
  • >65% in DCC renue
  • Simplified day-to-day management and harmonized fees on bank services


  • Data collection through meetings, phone calls, file integrations and questionnaires covering
  • Analysis and benchmarking of price conditions and qualitative and organizational aspects related to the Group
  • Management of a two-round formalized consultation with banking institutions
  • Support throughout the process, right through to the negotiation of contracts with the chosen banks and service providers

Redbridge’s added value

  • A specific audit of both the organization of payment cards and the volumes and bank charges involved
  • A rigorous, tailor-made process to obtain results quickly
  • Good knowledge of market pricing and banks’ capacities
  • A respectful approach to partners that strengthens the quality of banking relationships
  • A comprehensive approach to the allocation of cash flows, particularly with regard to existing funding, including from a medium-term perspective
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