"Redbridge helped us undertake a trawl of the options available to us in the market after a comprehensive needs assessment . We soon realised with the support from Redbridge no ‘off the shelf’ solution existed to address the complete business requirement. This in turn helped frame the conversations needed internally with the digital team to drive the initiative forward."

Alex Chalmers
Group Treasurer

Engagement overview

  • Global payment automation and optimisation, aimed at securing best-in-class practices, solutions and cost, for one-time-vendor payouts in 24 countries.
  • Focusing on the primary markets (UK, Romania, Poland; Greece, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand; Peru, Colombia)


  • Understand and assess the needs of the group and pain points regarding one-time-vendor payments.
  • Apply needs assessment towards a solution design incorporating proposed architecture and customer benefits.
  • Run RFP process and assist in selecting vendor to:
  • Improve payment timeframe
  • Enhance customer selling experience
  • Remove barriers to payment digitalisation


  • Provided needs assessment complete with workshops involving local teams for prioritisation and identification of gaps.
  • Applied needs assessment to assist the Inchcape team in prioritising internal actions for solution design.
  • Launched and monitored vendor selection process


  • Defined project scope (entities, countries, payment channels and existing providers), project governance, framework, objectives and constraints.
  • Collected necessary data via meetings, calls, information files and questionnaires, covering the scope of the project.
  • Ran workshops with local teams to determine root issues in order to create a specific approach to solution design.
  • Presented industry best practices and relevant benchmarks along with relevant more detailed comparisons.
  • Identified areas of importance, including realistic cost structures as wells as synthesis of all relevant qualitative submissions.

Value added by Redbridge

  • Comprehensive global expertise of the payment ecosystem
  • Rigorous, proven and tailor-made data collection and analysis processes
  • Unique industry comprehension and price benchmarking capabilities
  • Deep knowledge of payment processing specific to payouts
  • After-service availability
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