Engagement overview

  • Inaugural syndicated loan to support Mirakl’s robust growth and finance future acquisitions.


  • Expand funding capacities to accelerate M&A and capex strategies.
  • Establish a highly flexible documentation framework with minimal constraints, to include attractive pricing, limited guarantees and streamlined documentary remittance.
  • Carefully select a limited number of banks with the capacity to serve as key financial partners.


  • Revolving Credit Facility syndicated loan of €100 million, with a maturity of 3+1+1 years.
  • Unsecured financing arrangement.
  • Competitive financial terms.
  • Flexible covenants allowing for additional debt capacity and providing a favorable framework for acquisitions.
  • A balanced banking pool consisting of five major international banks.


  • Benchmarking exercise.
  • Validation of funding requirements and assessment of market appetite in a constrained environment.
  • Assistance in identifying and selecting potential lenders.
  • Preparation of an information package and drafting the credit story to secure banks’ support.
  • Develop a legal framework aligned with the group’s objectives.
  • Management of bank consultations throughout the process.
  • Providing advice, recommendations and support in negotiating the terms and conditions and the Senior Facility Agreement.

Value Added by Redbridge

  • Collaborative project management with Mirakl’s finance department and legal counsel.
  • Customized process to access the debt market efficiently.
  • Implementation of a strategic approach to mitigate execution risk.
  • Assistance in optimizing pricing.
  • Leveraging Redbridge’s expertise to ensure maximum flexibility in legal documentation.
  • Sharing knowledge with Mirakl’s finance department.
  • A dedicated team providing comprehensive support that was available to Mirakl at all times.
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