"Redbridge directed in a neutral and expert manner a large panel of stakeholders, contributing to the success of this complex and structuring financing deal."

Jean-Sébastien LEONI
Chief Financial Officer

Engagement overview

  • Context: Arranging bank and disintermediated fundings in relation to the recomposition of the company’s shareholding
  • Debt capacity analysis / lender education phase in order to define and calibrate the best financing options
  • Optimization of the terms and conditions of all related financing transactions
  • Coordination of all stakeholders involved in the financing operations (bank arrangers, private lenders, CSR coordinators, lawyers, new shareholders)


  • Make sure the M&A timetable is respected
  • Optimize the financing structure (quantum, format, maturity) in the specific context of an equity transaction
  • Further improve the terms and conditions
  • Include ambitious ESG criteria in senior financings that are consistent with NGE’s goals
  • Ensure fair treatment of all lenders and stakeholders



  • €500m of debt raised (€350m from banks / €150m from bond investors)
  • Average maturity lengthened
  • Continued diversification of the Group’s funding
  • Maintained access to the NEU CP program
  • Incorporation of ESG criteria in the 2 transactions (first sustainability-linked private placement listed on Euronext Paris)
  • Optimized pricing
  • Easing of financial ratios


  • Debt Structure Advisory
  • Rating assessment: bank and agency viewpoints
  • Term sheet drafting in conjunction with NGE and its legal counsel
  • Benchmarking of all terms and conditions
  • Preparation of verbal elements for the financial management
  • Coordination of all stakeholders until final closing

Value added by Redbridge

  • Recommendation of an appropriate debt level for NGE in order to pursue a very ambitious development plan and in the context of a major equity deal
  • Act as a “conductor” for all parties involved, alongside NGE and the incoming shareholder, Montefiore Investment, to ensure that an ambitious timetable is respected
  • Supporting NGE in the negotiation of terms and conditions with the arrangers of the various financing instruments
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