The Redbridge team is excited to be returning to the AFP Annual Conference in 2016 to present our insights on the most important developments, trends and opportunities within treasury management. Our delegation of industry experts will be available for meetings on current topics, including those related to treasury service & fee optimization, merchant cards, credit ratings, fundraising and debt structuring. As you plan your attendance for AFP 2016, be sure to make time to visit us at our booth, schedule a meeting, or attend one of our five thought leadership sessions.

Educational Sessions

De-Coding Your Analysis Statements

Dive into the wealth of information contained in your bank account analysis statements. Participants learn the AFP guidelines for account analysis statements, how electronic statements work, how AFP Service Codes could and should be assigned, and perform their very own cross-bank comparison. Have accounts overseas? Learn how to gain visibility into international bank fees and what the industry is doing to make things better. Participants are encouraged to bring their own account analysis statements to the session to begin building their own cross bank comparison model.

Bridget Meyer, CTP, Senior Director – Redbridge

Unlocking the Mysteries of Bank Fees

How we manage our relationships with our banking partners is often clouded in mystery. We are tasked with not only knowing what services we are buying from our banks but also controlling the costs of those services. Account structures must be justified in short amounts of time. In this session, speakers discuss foolproof strategies to manage your bank fees and bank relationships in less time than ever, using such AFP Codes and pricing guides in order to put treasurers in the strongest possible position.

Daniel Gill, CTP, Senior Director – Redbridge

Effectively Managing Rating Agency Relationships

This panel of two corporate practitioners and one rating agency executive will be moderated by an industry expert in a question-and-answer format to provide the attendees with personal insights and perspectives on best practices in building good working relationships between companies and rating agencies.

Marci Lerner, CTP, Treasurer – Hologic Inc
Catherine Stone, Assistant Treasurer – Cabot Corporation
Michael Lenihan, Senior Advisor – Redbridge DTA
Brian Oak, Managing Director, Corporate Finance Group – Moody’s Investor Service

Treasury and Bank Relationship Management in Asia

An increasingly complex and changing banking environment in Asia requires Treasurers and CFOs to be constantly up to date on local regulations and best practices. What are the challenges that make treasury management in Asia so different from the domestic US? This session uses a real corporate case study to deep dive into domestic cash and liquidity management in 8+countries in APAC in order to map out the various possibilities to build a consistent and sustainable treasury organization at regional level..

Catherine Stone, Assistant Treasurer – Cabot Corporation
Helene Shen, Associate – Redbridge DTA

Collecting, Benchmarking and Negotiating International Bank Fees

Unlike the US where nearly all commercial banks have adopted an account analysis approach to documenting services, volumes and fees, the international landscape is quite different, with fewer standards and with differentiation from country to country, region to region, and even bank to bank. In this session, the speakers will discuss the full process of collecting, benchmarking, and negotiating domestic and international bank fees. Speakers focus on the main differences between payments and collection in Europe, Asia, and the US, and ways to reconcile them.

Tom Wolfe III, CTP, Senior Director, Global Treasury – Marriot Vacations Global Corporations

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