"The Redbridge teams have been instrumental in helping us identify the optimal TMS set-up. Additionally their cash management expertise has helped us achieve significant rationalisation and fee savings. "

Brice Zimmermann
Group Treasurer

Engagement overview

  • Perform a 360-degree diagnostic of treasury activities to co-build the roadmap for the next 3 to 5 years.
  • Challenge the TMS setup, to ensure that the solution in place will be able to support the Treasury department in its future needs and challenges.
  • Assess and optimise the cash management services and fees charged by 5 global banks.


  • Identify initiatives that will enable the Treasury department to go “from good to great” and organise their implementation timeline.
  • Bring expertise to assess the current TMS capabilities and evaluate other TMS options for providing a higher level of service;
  • Enhance visibility on volumes and fees for each bank and review current market practices and explore innovative service offerings;
  • Design and implement a fee optimisation strategy while maintaining strong relationships with banks.


  • Determined short to long-term initiatives supported by a global return on investment calculation.
  • Conducted a comparative analysis of TMS suppliers, securing subsequent negotiations and implementation plan;
  • Engaged in bilateral negotiations, resulting in a high six-figure total savings number for the duration of contracts.
  • Obtained competitive offerings from incumbent banks, including on new and innovative services to support Alcon’s 3-to-5-year roadmap.


  • Thematic workshops covering each angle of the Treasury department’s duties, mobilising peers’ practices and leveraging the existing setup.
  • Calculation of a Return on Investment by scenario to present an exhaustive view of the gains and costs that could be expected.
  • A challenging RFP process allowing a granular assessment of TMS’ capabilities
  • Full assessment and mapping of banking services, including volumes and pricing, coupled with a thorough review of the fees charged over the last 6 months.
  • Support provided to Alcon’s treasury team during the decision-making process and negotiations with banks.

Value added by Redbridge

  • Comprehensive understanding of treasury activities and ability to contextualise them in comparison to similar companies.
  • Knowledge of the upcoming banking practices and regulations and the newest innovations to develop a sustainable roadmap;
  • Maintained a neutral position regarding TMS Solutions, providing a fair and competitive assessment.
  • Supported Alcon in collecting all data from banks in scope and performed a rigorous assessment to map and estimate cash management costs by bank.
  • Provided in-depth knowledge of market prices and banking best practices across services and countries.
  • Continued to support Alcon during negotiations, resulting in outcomes aligned with initial estimates, and preserving long-term relationships.
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