Assignment overview

  • Analysis of the Group’s credit profile and the profitability of its banking pool
  • Supporting the Group in the negotiation of its new General Corporate Purpose syndicated loan


  • Finalize, before December 2020, the refinancing of an RCF that matured in July 2021
  • Increase the maximum amount from €300m to €400m to better reflect seasonal working capital requirements
  • Integrate Corporate Social Responsibility KPIs (sustainability linked loan format)


  • RCF increased from €300m to €400m
  • Maturity of 5 years + 2 months – bullet
  • Indexation of the margin in line with the Group’s corporate social responsability objectives (B-Corp certification for the entire Group)
  • Pool extended to new partners, both French and international, totaling 11 banks (nine banking groups)


  • Analyses based on a banking model developed by Redbridge and proven to estimate credit risk from the point of view of a bank lender
  • Mapping of banks’ commitments and ancillary business in order to estimate their risk-adjusted profitability
  • Compliance with the Bonduelle’s internal corporate social responsability objectives in order to define the most relevant criteria to be included in the facility
  • Bilateral negotiation with each potential lender on the basis of a target term sheet

Redbridge’s added value

  • Complete project management in collaboration with the finance department
  • Tailor-made process and management of potential lenders
  • Significant over-subscription
  • Entry of new banks into the pool of lenders, especially foreign ones
  • 100% success rate for committee agreements on the basis of the final negotiated term sheet
  • Comprehensive consultation of banks on their CSR structuring proposals and analysis of the optimal solution
  • Controlling the calendar by maintaining momentum despite the uncertain economic and financial backdrop
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