"Redbridge played a pivotal role as our partner in this deal, having been deeply involved in what was a complex transaction both in terms of structure and distribution. Their help was invaluable in securing this financing, which will be key in Lhyfe’s ongoing development."

Maria Pardo Saleme
Chief Financial Officer, Lhyfe

Engagement overview

  • Implement an inaugural syndicated loan facility with the aim of boosting Lhyfe’s growth potential and facilitating its transition towards industrial-scale operations.
  • Determine the most appropriate structure for a company with strong growth but negative EBITDA


  • Establish a debt structure compatible with both Lhyfe’s objectives and the lenders’ demands
  • Identify liquidity pockets suitable for Lhyfe’s current hyper-growth phase, in which it is burning cash


  • Signing of a EUR 28 million syndicated facility
  • Term Loan of EUR 22.2 million, five years maturity (bullet)
  • Term Loan granted by BPI France of €5.8m (8/15 years maturity) amortizing with a three-year grace period
  • Documentation tailored to the company’s development plans
  • Solid basis for future financing, with the possibility to increase the facility and widen the banking pool


  • Support the Group in its evaluation of the optimal debt structure given its business plan
  • Preparation of the information package, including financial model review and term sheet
  • Management of the full consultation with banks in liaison with the management team and negotiation of terms and conditions
  • Coordination of ESG process
  • Proactive support until closing of the deal

Value added by Redbridge

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