"This was the follow on review to investigate if further optimisation of our cash concentration structure was achievable after the original project in 2018. Redbridge showed deep knowledge of current market practices, understood our detailed requirements, provided deliverables as agreed and to the timescale agreed that added value to our business."

Lynne MacDonald
Head of Treasury

Engagement overview

  • Review of existing global cash pooling structures and analysis of accounts within and outside these pools.
  • Identification of ways in which accounts outside automated pools could be integrated into an automated pooling structure.
  • Identification of other potential optimisations e.g. interest offset.


  • Review of current cash pooling structures.
  • Review of day-to-day cash management processes and cash position classifications.
  • Identification of practical ways of maximising cash concentration efficiency and improving liquidity management.


  • Detailed analysis of cash structures and cash held in and outside pooling arrangements.
  • Identification of changes required to reporting of cash positions to improve classification of cash structure type.
  • Targeted recommendations identifying areas for improvement with quantification of benefits.


  • Review and analysis of Group reporting data on cash positioning, focusing on different regions.
  • Identification of areas for improvement in the classification of cash structure types and cash management.
  • Identification of potential options to improve cash structures, where cash positions were not being pooled / not being used for interest generation / fee offset.
  • Presentation of key recommendations to Travelopia stakeholders for decision making purposes.

Value added by Redbridge

  • Comprehensive global expertise on cash concentration practices
  • Up-to-date information relating to cash concentration structures that are available by banks by region
  • Rigorous, proven and tailor-made analysis of current position and areas for improvement
  • Detailed recommendations including likely effort, benefit as well as any pre-requisites required for the delivery of the recommended change.
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