"Thanks to its clear understanding of market conditions, Redbridge has helped us reduce our bank fees by 50%. We could never have achieved this kind of result on our own. "

Denis Leveille
Treasury and Finance Manager

Assignment overview

  • Scope: France | over 100 bank accounts | 36 clinics | 9 banking partners surveyed
  • Review of cash management conditions


  • To optimize and standardize banking conditions between banks
  • To establish price lists of cash management services valid for all Group institutions, including future acquisitions
  • To improve the quality of services and how bank fees are monitored
  • To identify the best partners against the backdrop of an impending homogenization of the electronic payment terminal (EPT) network
  • To preserve the quality of historical banking relationships


  • 50% reduction in cash management costs through:
  • Reducing telematics costs by 70%
  • Reducing electronic payment costs by 40%
  • Reducing CMC or Commission de mouvement de compte by 90%
  • Implementation of easier-to-control billing
  • Optimization of conditions for SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) and distance selling
  • Three-year contractual agreement


  • RFP preparation carried out using various sources of information and at different intervals
  • Management of a consultation with the Group’s main banks
  • Two-round negotiation for optimized conditions
  • Initial schedule met
  • Provide support until the specifications are signed and the conditions are applied

Redbridge’s added value

  • Accurate audit of flow volumes and associated bank fees developed alongside the Group’s teams to better pass on knowledge and habits to be acquired post-consultation
  • Accurate knowledge of fair market conditions and banks’ service capabilities
  • Project conducted in a manner consistent with the banking relationship
  • Results exceeded the Group’s expectations

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