Pierre Fabre launches a NEU CP program complete with a bank guarantee

The Pierre Fabre Group has secured recurring access to market financing while staying true to its identity. In late June, the finance division of the group, which specializes in oncology, dermatology, public health and dermo-cosmetics, completed its inaugural issue of NEU CP (Negotiable EUropean Commercial Paper) securities amounting to €30 million. This was soon supplemented by a second issue that brought the group’s negotiable debt securities program up to its ceiling of €50 million.

“Trading activity necessitates a consolidated vision of all of the transactions processed at each moment in time”, Malik Dahmoune, Finelia

As part of our series of articles dedicated to the selected audience of commodity trading firms, Malik Dahmoune, founder of Finelia, explains the challenges of automated monitoring of trade finance operations and the prospects for modernising the business opened up by the digital revolution. To explore the topic further after reading this interview, download our new study by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Should You Care About How Banks and Rating Agencies Rate You?

AFP 2018 Speaking Session – Slideshow – What is the impact of a company’s ratings on public capital markets, its banks’ internal profitability assessments, and its banking relationships? The answer allows treasury practitionners to more effectively manage bank relationships as well as to understand the key components to consider when allocating business to banks.

KYC: the difficult road to simplification

With increasing global regulations on KYC, corporate treasurers are seeking some standardization and simplification in a process that also causes a great deal of administrative red-tape at banks in their efforts to comply with ever expanding regulatory requirements.

How to Become a Treasury ‘Superhero’

Redbridge’s Dan Gill and Greg Moore of AutoNation discuss how treasury professionals can become ‘treasury superheros’ by using software tools to help analyze and manage their bank service utilization and related bank fees across the globe.

Excited to be returning to TEXPO!

The Dallas Sheraton | April 08-10, 2018 – Redbridge is excited to be presenting insights pertaining to Global Treasury and Cash Management, including optimization of bank cash management and payment card fees as well as our next generation of bank fee monitoring software, HawkeyeBSB.

Redbridge Survey of Fortune 1000 Uncovers Funding Strategies

The vast majority of Fortune 100 companies, if not all, utilize the public markets for raising capital funding through alternative sources rather than utilizing only banks for raising needed capital. In the Fortune 101 to 929, the majority utilize banks as their capital funding sources, reveals a in-depth study of the debt structure of Fortune 1000 conducted by Redbridge.

“Ensuring an efficient global treasury organization requires dedicated management focus on numerous components”, Raphael Leprette, Senior Director, Redbridge

Raphael Leprette, senior director at Redbridge, discusses the opportunities arising from a merger of two treasury organizations. According to him, to optimize synergies, it is key to value the history, culture, experience and expertise of each team in the merger and encourage cross-fertilization of knowledge and sharing of expertise.

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